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Siragadikka Aasai 30-05-2024 Vijay TV Siragadikga Aasai 30.05.2024 Tamil Serial Online | Siragadikga Asai 30/05/2024 Vijay TV Serial Siragadikka Asai 30th May 2024 Watch Vijay TV Siragadikka Aasai 30.05.24 Serial Siragadikga Aasai 30/05/24 Latest Today Episode Online. Siragadikka Aasai 30-05-2024 - Vijay TV Serial | Vijay tv Siragadikga Asai 30-05-24
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Watch 30-05-2024 Siragadikka Aasai Vijay TV Serial. Enjoy Siragadikka Aasai in HD free online. Watch Siragadikka Aasai latest episode today updated. Watch free episode of Siragadikka Aasai in Tamil telecast on Vijay Tv. Watch Siragadikka Aasai 30-05-2024 updated now and enjoy also more episodes of Siragadikka Aasai Vijay TV Serial online Plot : The show centres on the unexpected marriage of Meena, the eldest daughter of a lower-class family, and Muthu, an eccentric taxi driver struggling with alcoholism. They slowly understand each other. Their journey to self-improvement and togetherness, despite external pressures, is a testament to the enduring power of love. Cast : R. Sundarajan, Gomathi Priya, Narasimha Raju, Vetri Vasanth, Sri Deva, Tamilselvi, A. Revathy, Anila, Yogesh, Sudhakar, Diwakar, Sangeetha Screenplay : Alvin Prashanth Raj, N. Santhanam Kumar, Nandhan Sreedharan Director : S. Kumaran Producer : B. Srinivasan, Raadhika Srinivasan Writer : Vikatan Story Team, Guru Sampath Kumar Editor : B. Chandru, R. Bala Gurunathan Synopsis: Muthu, a taxi driver, is an alcoholic who regularly comes home drunk, whilst also engaging in fights as well - even arguing with his mother Vijaya, who resents him for his bad past as well as his bad habits. The only three people in Muthu's family that have some sort of love and affection for him are his father Annamalai, a retired locomotive pilot, his younger brother Ravi, who works as a chef, and his grandmother Nachiyar, who raised him as a child. Muthu's elder brother, Manoj, is an affluent corporate employee and Vijaya's favourite son. He is selfish, money-minded, status-minded and dislikes both Annamalai and Muthu. Meena is a family-oriented girl who works as a flower-seller outside a temple. However, they face problems with Sudhakar (the loan shark), who lusts for Meena, as well as a poor financial status. Muthu and Meena often fight, with Meena not knowing that Muthu is Annamalai’s second son, but Muthu comes across Meena and her family. This ends up with the two of them disliking each other due to their constant conflicts. After Sathya (Meena's brother) is negatively influenced by Chiti, a local don, he ends up stealing Muthu's bike out of envy of not getting one from his parents. He ends up going to jail but is released after Muthu withdraws the case after Meena asks him to. Sathya then speaks harshly to his father after he scolds him and kicks him out, which makes him depressed and he kills himself by being hit by a train, which Annamalai was driving on his final day on the job. Feeling guilty, Annamalai pays them a visit and decides to make Meena his daughter-in-law instead of giving them money, as he sees that there’s more than what meets the eye in their situation. Amidst this all, Manoj is in love with Jeeva, who has hidden intentions as she wants Annamalai's settlement money and wants to fly off to Canada.
Category: Siragadikka Aasai, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay tv Serial,

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