15-09-2023 Mothalum Kadhalum-Vijay tv Serial

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15-09-2023 Mothalum Kaadhalum Vijay TV Mothalum Kaadhalum 15.09.2023 Tamil Serial Online | Mothalum Kaadhalum 15/09/2023 Vijay TV Serial 15th September 2023
Watch Mothalum Kadhalum Vijay tv serials 15.09.23 | Vijay TV Serial Mothalum Kadhalum 15/09/23 Latest Today Episode Online
Mothalum Kadhalum 15-09-2023 Vijay tv Serial | Star Vijay Tv Mothalum Kadhalum 15th September 2023
Directed By : Suresh Shanmugam
Produced By : Venus Infotainment Production
Written By : Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Cast : Sameer and Ashwathy Ash, Nalini, Janani Ashok Kumar,Ramya Ramakrishna, Narasimha Raju, Uma Padmanabhan

Vijay tv Serials, Mothalum Kaadhalum
Vijay tv Serial Mothalum Kadhalum 15th September 2023

Vedha, an ambitious and caring paediatrician moves with her family to a new home in the city, next to Vikram’s family house. Immediately the next door neighbour’s, and Vikram’s daughter Tanvika starts to bond with her, and Vedha wishes for a child of her own.Vikram, an arrogant businessman who has just divorced his wife for being disloyal to him, despises love and relationships. He plays a prank on his employee during his wedding, and causes them to doubt each others’ trust.She is invited to her sister-in-law’s baby’s naming ceremony, where she meets her former fianc√©, where it is known that his family decided to cancel their marriage last-minute due to her infertility.

Category: Mothalum Kaadhalum, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay tv Serial,

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