10-02-2024 Vidya No.1-Zee Tamil tv Serial

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10-02-2024 Vidya No.1 Zee Tamil TV Vidya No.1 10.02.2024 Tamil Serial Online | Vidya No.1 10/02/2024 Zee Tamil TV Serial 10th February 2024
Watch Vidya No. 1 Zee tv serials 10.02.24 | Zee tv serial Vidya No.1 10/02/24 Latest Today Episode Online
Vidya No.1 10-02-2024 Zee Tamil tv Serial | Zee Tamil Tv Vidya No.1 10th February 2024
Directed By :Sai Maruthu
Produced By :Gayathri Karthik, Arun Ramasamy
Written By : Paniveedu Kumaran
Cast :Tejaswini Gowda,Niharika Harshu,Puvi,Sudharsanam,Madhumitha Illaiyaraja,Caroline Hiltrud,Ilavarasan,Azhagu,Niharikka Ranjith,Shwetha,Murali Kumar,Karate Raja,Keerthana

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The story focuses on the life of a benevolent village girl, Vidya. The courageous young girl has been successful in developing her own native skills and talent despite being uneducated. However, her life completely changes after she gets married to Sanjay, the son of Vedavalli. Vedavalli is a highly educated individual who owns multiple educational institutions and only aims to be No. 1 in every aspect of life. The heart-warming story of how Vidhya, the daughter-in-law makes Vedavalli her mother-in-law realise that life must be lived with love and happiness instead of being number one in everything will surely keep the fans hooked. The contrasting personalities of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will also be something to watch out for! Actress Niharika and young star Tejaswini plays the role of the mother-in-law – daughter-in-law duo alongside YouTube sensation Iniyan, who will be seen portraying the role of Vedavalli’s loyal and respectful son Sanjay.

Category: Tamil TV Serials, Vidya No.1, Zee Tamil tv Serial,

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