Alaipayuthey 05-12-2022 Jaya tv Serial

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Watch Alaipayuthey Jaya tv serials-Rewind 05.12.22 | Jaya TV serial-Rewind Alaipayuthey 05/12/22 Latest Today Episode Online
Alaipayuthey 05-12-2022 Jaya tv Serial-Rewind | Jaya Tv Alaipayuthey 05th December 2022

Jaya tv Serials, Alaipayuthey
Jaya tv Serial Alaipayuthey 05th December 2022

The story revolves around Ratnam, his wife Malar and his three children, Haresh, Hashwini and Akshara, each having their own struggles in their life journey. Problems arise when Malar disapproves of Hashwini’s boyfriend, Brandon due to his race. Knowing that the tension will soon potentially divide the family, Haresh agrees to marrying Kamini, his cousin. Meanwhile, Hashwini gets married without her mother’s presence. Then, Ratnam meets his ex-girlfriend whom his father had rejected when he was younger. He finds out that she’s working as a counselor in Askhara’s university, and starts talking to her. Akshara too faces problems in university with her friends Prem, Kavin and Shwetha. She also finds out she has had brain tumor for some time already. Furthermore, Haresh falls in love with another girl, Shalini, and is stuck between Kamini and her. How all the characters deal with their own problems as a family, fight for their loves and learn lessons in the journey of life forms the rest of the plot for the story.

Category: Alaipayuthey, Jaya TV Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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