20-11-2023 Siragadikka Aasai-Vijay tv Serial

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20-11-2023 Siragadikka Aasai Vijay TV Siragadikka Aasai 20.11.2023 Tamil Serial Online | Siragadikka Aasai 20/11/2023 Vijay TV Serial 20th November 2023
Watch Siragadikka Aasai Vijay tv serials 20.11.23 | Vijay tv serial Siragadikka Aasai 20/11/23 Latest Today Episode Online
Siragadikka Aasai 20-11-2023 Vijay tv Serial | Star Vijay Tv Siragadikka Aasai 20th November 2023
Directed By : S. Kumaran
Produced By : B.Srinivasan
Written By : Vikatan Story Team,Guru Sampath Kumar
Cast : Anshitha Akbarsha, Arnaav Amjath, Divya Ganesh, Anu Sathish, Ravi Kumar

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Vijay tv Serials, Siragadikka Aasai
Vijay tv Serial Siragadikka Aasai 20th November 2023

The show introduces us to Muthu, a thug who despises the concept of love, as well as Meena, a family-centric woman who works at her parents flower-stall near their local temple.Muthu is an alcoholic and always comes home drunk, whilst also engaging in fights as well – even arguing with his mum, who resents him for his bad past as well as his bad habits. The only two people that have some sort of love and affection for him are his father and grandmother, who raised him as a child. Meena is a family-centric girl and they live in a flat. However, they face problems with Sudhakar (the loan shark), who lusts after Meena, as well as a poor financial status. Muthu and Meena always get into fights, with Meena not knowing that Muthu is Annamalai’s second son, but Muthu comes across Meena and her family. This ends up with the two of them disliking each other due to their constant conflicts.

Category: Siragadikka Aasai, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay tv Serial,

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